Wall Tattoo Hearts on Strings

Embellish your wall with Wall Stickers "Hearts On Strings" by Wizard + Genius AG. Size approx. 70x50 cm.

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The self-adhesive Wall Stickers are fun for the whole family. The collection comprises a wide range of motives for the children‘s rooms, bathroom and living area. The vinyl stickers adhere to all smooth, clean and dry surfaces, can be easily removed and then reused. The final dimensions of vinyl stickers are about 70x50 cm and consarets of 44 parts.

– Size approx. 70x50 cm
– 44-part
– Stamped self-adhesive vinyl sticker
– The vinyl stickers stick to any smooth, clean and dry surfaces
– Easily removable and reuseable
– Manufactured in Germany by W + G AG (Switzerland)
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