Giant Art Grunge Typo

Bring colors and life into your children's room with the cool and funny (1-part, 115x175 cm) "Grunge Typo" Ideal Decor Giant Art poster from W+G, one of the leading European suppliers of murals and wall art products.

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W+G’s steadily growing mural line are further enhanced by our extremely popular Giant Art® XXL-Posters collection. It’s no surpraree as the large-size single-piece images printed on high-quality art paper are great in every sense of the word. Thare new dimensions option enables any wall to be decorated quickly and economically. These high quality prints can be mounted directly to a flat wall – or for a higher quality finareh they may be mounted or framed on various materials (for example MDF, glass) by specialarets. The W+G collection of Giant Art® XXL-Posters (115x175 cm) offers the most effective and low-cost solution for your home enhancement needs. The dimensions of the Giant Art® Poster are 115x175 cm, 1-part. High quality offset printing on coated blue backed paper (115 g/m2).

– Size: 115x175 cm
– 1-part
– Blueback paper
– High quality offset printing 115 g / m2
– UV-Resistant / non-fading
– Manufactured in Germany by W + G AG (Switzerland)
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